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For what seems like a century now, the fashion industry ran on a platform of distinctiveness, granting entry to a select few by maintaining an expectation of beauty that could only be met by a certain type of woman and that is the tall, skinny, cute blond and preferably white.

Throughout the ages, the fashion world has undergone changes such as incorporating any type of woman regardless of her skin and hair color. However, the fastest growing sector of the modeling industry is the plus size models.

There has been overwhelming acceptance, support and a growing demand for these women with full figures. Not only are these women, a source of inspiration but also they are a voice of hope to the average population of women who have largely been ignored due to the industry’s harsh requirements back in the day.

There is one example of an outstanding woman by the name Candice Huffine who was a successful model at a time where requirements were to be slim and well talented. This model refused to lose weight for the agents who were very demanding and many thought she wouldn’t make it.

plus size models

Guess what? She is one of the most successful plus-size models in the industry. She has inspired a lot of plus size women out there not to hide their curves but to be comfortable in their bodies and should not be afraid to show their curves. This has led to the body positivity movement.

Body Positivity movement – Role of plus size models

plus size models

This movement strives to encourage plus-size women to accept their bodies and be comfortable being themselves as they are beautiful in their own way. An inspirational lady by the name Lane Bryant is one of the biggest contributors of this body positivity movement.

In collaboration with influential people like Christian Siriano, she came up with a clothing line for these plus size women so that they could be fashionable and trendy as the top plus-size models. She ensured that these women got a feel of wearing runway and trendy clothes in fashion.

In short, every person in this earth should be aware that there is beauty in being comfortable in your own skin no matter how the world might judge or criticize you. After all, it’s the wearer of the shoe that knows if it fits.

These plus size women inspire thousands of BBW or plus size people to achieve more in their life regardless of their size, color and etc. Dating for plus size millionaires has become so easy nowadays and there are many sites on the web for plus size people, one of the top sites in the list is Here you can find Plus Size millionaires all around the world.

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